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6 Techniques to Help You Tame Your Anger

There many reasons to be angry when an individual like Donald Trump is running a country. What more reasons could offend one and make them scratch their eyeballs?

Well, the list is long. To begin with, traffic is the most common concern that has the potential to enrage even the most composed people. Furthermore, animal brutality, incompetence of government officers to deal with crime, children turning the living room into a mess, and your hairdresser ruining your haircut are some of the very basic yet highly triggering reasons which leave you furious.

Apart from this, some causes are personal and hit the wrong nerve. In such situations, the anger stems from a place of deep hurt and can trace back to your memories of the past. For example, when someone hits one of your sore points, when you find your partner cheating on you, or when you earn a bad grade, etc.

These emotions are dualistic in nature and anger is simply the hypodermis. When someone wants to hide their actual feelings, they masquerade it with anger as it is an easy emotion to showcase. However, if not controlled, anger can quickly turn into a parasitical, toxic emotion.

Psychologists encourage their clients to express all kinds of emotions. People who can suppress strong emotions like anger are actually very dangerous as they are a ticking time-bomb. Therefore, it could be suggested that anger is not an unhealthy emotion and must be channelled out.

However, the means to express can be questionable at times. There’s a way in which every emotion needs to be dealt with. Hence, when it comes to anger, it is important how you channelise it. If you use the wrong method to tame the monstrous evil, you may end up needing serious interventions. Thus, below are six techniques that can help you control your anger effectively.

  • Practice relaxation techniques

    You must be thinking that if you could relax, why would you even have anger management problems in the first place? However, if you regularly practise relaxation techniques, you wouldn’t really have an anger management issue. Thus, this technique is a preventive measure rather than a remedy for which you are required to dedicate half an hour every day to practice self-care through these techniques.

    Relaxation techniques can be applied anywhere and at any time, so if you have the impression that you would need a comfortable rug to sit on and focus on breathing, then remove that thought from your mind.

    Unlike the outdated version where you were required to find an ideal place to calm down, now you can follow a muscle relaxation script wherever you are. It follows the same essence but a different pattern. Hence, the next time you’re searching for essay help online, search for a muscle relaxation script to alleviate the academic stress.

  • Interrupt the negative cycle

    Now that we’ve covered the necessary step that should be taken as a precaution let’s get down to business. Whenever you feel the emotions overcoming you, interrupt the negative cycle immediately. This basically means that you need to challenge the negative thoughts from evoking any negative feelings in you by diverting your mind towards positivity.

    This technique is applied in cognitive behavioural therapy. The ideology is that if you challenge the negative thoughts right when they emerge, you can stop them from evoking any sense of emotion in you. By having control over your feelings, you can manage your activity and behaviour as well.

    Hence, self-awareness plays a pivotal role in this process. Every time you feel something has rubbed you the wrong way, try to rationalise it and have an internal discussion with yourself. Be the voice of reason to break down the cycle of anger.

  • Dance it out

    Many people fail to recognise the fact that when you start moving your body, all sorts of empowering emotions disperse and reduce in terms of intensity. Thus, the best way to minimise the constantly occurring bouts of anger is through dance. It is great if you already indulge yourself in exercise and dance routines regularly.

    However, if you don’t, then you should try it out when you feel angry about something. Obviously, you don’t necessarily have to be good at it because life is not a Step-Up franchise. Simply move around and enjoy the moment. If you’re sitting, get up, start pacing around, and control your breathing. This can help shift your focus and release endorphins in the body that are commonly referred to as happy hormones.

  • Explore the feelings beneath the surface

    We already discussed that you usually use anger to hide what you’re truly feeling inside. Therefore, be courageous enough to tap into the deeper insecurities and fears that you hold. Explore what’s beneath the surface and experience it completely. When you’re able to detect the most authentic emotions, you become emotionally stronger and fearless.

  • Don’t dwell on it unnecessarily

    Some people have the tendency of dwelling over things excessively. For example, if a person points out your flaws in public, you think about it all day and ruin your own mood. Yes, it is not a great thing to hear and can make you hyperaware of yourself, but the fact that someone tried to humiliate you publicly says more about them and less about you. Therefore, try to avoid thinking about it unnecessarily and divert your attention to what makes you feel good.

  • Express it through art

    Art therapy has earned quite a successful reputation in the world of therapies. This specialised field of psychology consists of subordinated features of positive psychology and philosophy. Therefore, try to test this medium. Nobody promotes suppression of emotions as the repressed emotions have the habit of leaking out when you least expect it. They fuel up inside and shape into monsters just hounding for a stimulus. Thus, channelise all the negativity through art.

    Write poetry, prose, essays, and short stories. Not a writer? No worries! Doodle, draw, colour, and paint your heart out. You can even plant trees, volunteer for constructions, or throw clay-balls on the wall with full force. The motive here is to expel the negativity that resides within you. Hence, choose what soothes you and invite peace into your mind and body.

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