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How To Mould A Successful Future For University Students?

Students are usually gasping for fresh air, for a fresher perspective, and for a fresh surrounding. Their soaring aspirations which they start off with, are typically hampered by their mundane lifestyle, their perplexing workload and the elevated levels of expectations that are attached with them. Therefore, when not wanting to stick out like a sore […]

Foods To Enhance Learning And Retaining Power

‘To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art’ we have heard this a thousand times before but still, it has not infiltrated into our minds. According to the latest survey, very few students are able to maintain straight A’s throughout their academic carrier and the leading to their poor performance in […]

Why Is Satisfaction Important In Life?

An old saying goes by that, ‘a harvest of peace is produced from a seed of contentment’ several intellectuals and philosophers have witnessed the axiom of this epithet. True happiness is central to satisfaction because the feelings of joy inherently based on the satisfaction. You may have seen many people happy on the surface, but […]