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How To Improve Your Citation Skills

Students tend to be confounded by several problems, they are usually simultaneously dealing with a myriad range of tasks that tend to mangle them into a web of never-ending dilemmas. Most students are typically on the verge of collapsing, as they aren’t able to write revitalized and enriched content, which could garner them their desired grades. Therefore, in such circumstances, arises the necessary need to make use of a custom essay writing service, as these services are affordable, deliver work on the set deadline, they tend to work and compose narratives that are aligned with the mentioned specifications, they tend to be at the behest of the student and they tend to not ignore a single facet associated with the content produced. They can percolate irrelevant pieces of information, they can combine rare to combine pieces of details, they can completely and utterly commit themselves to the grain of the story, and can drive the culture of innovation and creativity.

Having said that, in situations where you’re asked to cite your paper, and you’re unable to understand how exactly to go about the process, then transpires the need to read through the below-mentioned directives.

  • Authenticity:

It is of paramount importance for the citation that has been placed, should be derived from an authentic source. The student in question should work on cultivating and refining their research skills, they should pool together different citations from sources that they deem trustable, or are trusted by their peers.

  • Keywords:

By effectively and diligently utilizing and banking upon keywords, you can enable your content to reach a wider range of audience. By including words that are pertinent to your subject matter, you are, in essence, pulling in readers who are interested in your subject field, and in doing so are creating an awareness of the perspectives you’ve explored.

  • End-Of-Paper Citations:

You should place a detailed piece of information about any particular source of text that has been borrowed from an external source. You need to include footnotes and endnotes, as they contribute to the wholeness of the citation process. However, what is more, important is to cite properly and accurately, you should write down the requisite information in the right format, as opposed to haphazardly placing it anywhere.

  • Quotations:

Make it a point to include quotations only when the core of your thought process can only be explained by the said quote, it is also imperative for the student to border the statement with quotations.

  • Parenthetical Notes:

In MLA & APA styles, the citations (brief information about the source) are placed right after the sentence or paragraph ends. Hence, students must keep this thought in mind when carrying out their citation task.

These are some of the pointers and elements that should be incorporated in the citation process, however it is also important to comprehend that citations need to be fixed into place, every time you paraphrase someone else’s idea, every time you directly quote someone and every time you pick up and summarise the integral elements of an individual’s perspective. Thus, if you do not carry out this pivotal task, then it is very likely that your work can be termed as ‘plagiarised’.


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