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How To Make Your Gap Year Productive?

If you are reading this right now, it most definitely means that you have defeated all the hurdles in life that stopped you from taking a gap year. Congratulations on that! Doubts and multiple speculations of parents, the difficulty of saying goodbye to your friends and getting rid of high school are all the battles you have fought alone, so pat yourself on the back.

Now when you start your gap year, it may not seem difficult. The stress of being relieved off of academic pressure might feel great, and you may finally have time to binge-watch all the shows. However, this is not the way to start your gap year. Want to know why? Because as the days turn into weeks, the feeling of being useless will take over, and you would itch to do something meaningful.

Not everyone is ready for college life after high school, and that’s perfectly fine. Gap years are increasingly becoming popular all over the world, and on average, 200 000 students in the United Kingdom prefer taking some time off before college. Whether it is to save money or to get used to the idea of living alone, your gap year has started, and it must not be spent in leisure.

Take Internships and Jobs

A great way to begin your gap year is to apply for jobs and internships that are relevant to the field you want to pursue. There are multiple companies like essay writing services that are looking to hire interns and will gladly offer you good money for carrying out the tasks. This will help build your resume that is going to prove beneficial in finding jobs during and after college. Employers these days look for experienced candidates and so, having a degree along with professional practice will make your profile stand out.

Working a paid job or internship is also a good way of saving up for college. A hefty amount of tuition fee along with your house bills can be a strain on the pocket so earn good money before you take off to college.

Travel Abroad

Introducing yourself to different cultures, learning the challenges of living alone and getting out of your comfort zone sound appealing, right? “Travelling is not affordable” is a phrase we have all heard several times that has barred our dreams and progress. Well, it is not as expensive as you think it is! Make a plan, consult an agency that offers discounts and pack up your bags. If you are travelling to nearby countries, then use a train to save the airfare and expose yourself to adult life. You can take jobs or summer internships abroad to gain the experience of travelling and earn some cash in the process.


A gap year is a time when you think about various aspects of life and view the world in a different light. Start with giving back to the community that has held you for so long. Join an international donation programme and work to gain some individual satisfaction. During the busy academic life, it is easy to lose perspective, but volunteering programmes can allow you to help people in need and become familiar with their viewpoint.

You don’t have to do something big to make a difference. Just search the nearest rehab facility or animal shelter, and offer your services as a teacher or instructor. If you want to work in the field of medicine in the future, this will be a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the operation of such institutes.

Interact With Your Family

College typically means moving away from home. Senior year in high school is a relatively rough period as your schedule is packed with various tests and interviews, and you do not get to see your family as frequently. Well, a gap year is a perfect time to strengthen ties with your folks by spending time with them.

Offer to help them with different chores, take drives and have lunches at home to build a bond. Talk to them about college prospects and if your parents have gone through similar experiences, take their suggestions for college year and start preparing accordingly.

Learn How to Adult

Most of us lead very comfortable lives at home as we do not have to care about food, groceries, cooking or cleaning because those are the jobs for adults. Well, college life will make you regret your laziness. Leaving the warmth of your bedroom to move in with strangers will be a difficult process to get through. You might have heard the horror stories of burning toast and undone chicken so if you do not know how to cook, start today.

Help your parents in the kitchen and ask them to teach you how to do laundry. If you have taken up a job, then go to the nearest bank and open your account. This will teach you the important life skill of managing finances and trust me; you will thank us later for that suggestion.

Explore the Artist Inside You

Let’s be real, even though high schools promoted music and painting, most of us never thought about pursuing those professionally. Even if we did, the academics made it extremely difficult to divert the attention towards something else. However, now, you have the chance to explore your options! Pick up the dusty guitar and learn new tunes.

You can also try to learn a new language, preferably something relevant to your course. With the growing popularity of languages and cultures, employers are always looking forward to bilingual candidates to bridge the communication gap. So, sign up for French or Spanish class to impress others! If you try to take a language course at your local community college, it might be possible for you to transfer the credits to your university as well.

Do not waste the first few months of your gap year catching up on sleep and binge-watching shows. Yes, you’re allowed to relax and take a break from academic stress, but it is important to take this part of life seriously, so you are fully prepared for college next year.

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