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How To Write A Well-Structured Essay?

We absolutely agree with the Shakespeare’s quote that ‘pen is mightier than the sword’, but sometimes it is not enough to make you the best essay writer. Even inspiration and motivation is not enough to make your essay the best one, because the conventions of English essay writing have a strict pattern of rules which every writer has to follow while writing an essay. Therefore, people seek Essay Help from professional writers to write a well-structured and the ultimate best essay. One thing you should keep in mind while writing an essay is to make it an easy read for the reader right from the beginning. When the reader can navigate the text without getting confused and perplexed then, it is the sign that you have written a well-organized essay. Some of the steps for writing an effective essay are as follows.

Effective Introduction:

The old saying goes by the ‘first impression is the last impression’, but students don’t pay much heed to it. The mere reason for negligence on the part of the students is for they are aware of the importance of the introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to present the glimpse of your ideas in a subtle manner to grab the attention of the reader. Sometimes a good introduction is all you need for achieving better marks in your essay, as examiner may grant you good marks after reading an influential and persuasive introduction. An engaging introduction is enough to compel the reader to read the whole essay because, if he finds the introduction interesting he will be determinant in reading the complete text. Therefore, you must try to present your ideas in a very subtle manner to make your content more interesting and distinctive.

Body Paragraphs:

In an introduction, you give hints of your ideas because you want the reader to stick to it. But in the body paragraphs, a reader expects the details of your ideas with examples that support them. You cannot build an argument in the essay without providing textual evidence or a solid example from a legit source. The topic sentence of every body-paragraph must be clear and directly linked with the example that you are going to quote further. Your topic sentence will only sound authentic and relevant if you quote the example or evidence with it. After quoting the example a writer is bound to explain the context and link of the supporting example with the idea. This helps in building a strong argument in the essay.


Although you write a concluding paragraph at the end of the essay still you should follow a rigid format of writing a concluding paragraph. It provides you with the last chance to present your ideas in a better way. In concluding paragraph, you restate thesis and all the main ideas; call to action or global statement can also be added in conclusion to make it more effective and thoughtful. While writing a conclusion you have to make sure that you restate every idea in a precise manner. Sometimes when the reader cannot read the whole essay, he simply reads the conclusion to extract all the main ideas. Therefore, it is necessary that your conclusion must be well-written and well-organized.

Don’t Skip Post-writing Stages:

Editing and proofreading play a significant role in making the essay easy-read and error-free. It allows you to eradicate all the unnecessary sentences from the content. Complex sentences and vocabulary are the hallmarks of writing a quality essay. Therefore, people try to use the hard vocabulary while writing which sometimes does not make sense. Yet, editing and proofreading allow you to remove all the grammatical and typographical errors from the content. Whether you are in a state of rush or sitting peacefully, you must never skip editing and proofreading.

Write Quality Content:

If you are writing the irrelevant things in the essay just for the sake of increasing its length, then you are losing the quality of the content. Writing unconnected sentences without clarity can de-value your work because it is pointless to write an essay when it does not have synchronization in it. Therefore, it is important to research before writing the essay. Doing extensive research enables you to write quality content in the essay. Thus, it is better to write a well-researched content in your essay.

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