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Reasons For Using Fake Essay Generating Applications

In the current day, students are assigned with magnitudes of academic essays in a short time frame. This action tends to take a toll on the mental health of students. Essentially, students require assistance with their giant workload and therefore, benefit from the services offered by essay writing services online. As these services offer students with professional writers, research teams and top quality work, students find the package to be irresistible and thus avail it.

However, similar to most service presented on the web, finding a genuine essay writing service that fulfills their promise is tough for students. Consequently, many students fall under the trap of fake websites that are created with the sole purpose of tricking students and extorting money from them in return for a fake, plagiarised academic essay. Due to the authenticity in their pages, students are unable to distinguish a genuine service from a scam. To avoid this, students can analyze their contenders by taking the following elements in account:

  • The presentation page:

The foremost element that must be considered during the process of selecting a service provider is the website’s content on the home page. Furthermore, if the selected service provider has separate pages for all its service, the probability of the service’s authenticity is high. However, it is essential to read the content written by multiple services and contrast it to test the similarity. If the web site’s content is original, placing an order at it can be a safe bet!

  • The price policies:

Next, most scam artists use the student’s financial stress as bait for their traps. Hence, it is essential to certify that the selected service provider offers rates that are similar to the market range. If a student selects a cheap essay writing service that offers rates drastically lower than market price, then the individual is likely to get extorted.

  • Accessibility to the website’s representatives:

The easiest method of detecting the website’s authenticity is by communicating with its customer service representatives. It is essential to inquire about the website’s policies via its 24-hour live chat service. In addition to this, it is vital to call the number stated on the website’s page to detect the legitimacy of the business. Furthermore, a legitimate service provider consists of a formal e-mail address constituting of the website’s domain name. Hence, if the website doesn’t have a domain based e-mail address, it is likely to be a con.

  • Payment Policies:

Similar to the pricing system of the website, it is crucial to educate oneself on the payment policies of the website. To do this, the individual can read on the revisions policy along with the refund policy offered by the website. In order to be confident about these policies, students can read genuine customer reviews written by the service provider’s prior customers.

By regarding the foregoing factors into consideration, the individual can identify an authentic website from a scam. Once that is done, the student can avail multiple services from the same website for their upcoming academic projects.  This way, they will not only be rewarded with prodigious essays but will also be exposed to the website’s seasonal discount policies!


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