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Ten Things you can do to make your gap year productive

It’s past midnight! Michelle is in bed, twisting and turning, trying so hard to sleep. She picks up the phone, scrolls through Snapchat stories. She sees her friends having the time of their lives in college and tears start rolling down her cheeks. She feels that the whole world is falling apart, and she has fallen behind. She looks at her friends’ Snapchat and realises that taking a gap year was a bad idea after all! She thinks of all the ways to get back on track and but can’t think of any…

Can you relate to Michelle’s situation? Do you juggle with millions of thoughts about how to spend a gap year with every passing moment? The idea of falling behind in class and watching your friends enjoy may be haunting you, and you can’t think of any better solution. So, sit back and relax because you’ve come to the right place!

With custom essay help, we are going to discuss how to make a gap year more productive than ever. If you’re wondering that travelling is the only way out to save you from boredom, then you’re wrong! There are plenty of other ways to spend your gap year productively.

Unlike many high school students, some people have difficulties in proceeding with their potentially stressful transition to college life, and they prefer to take gap years. Some students spend their gap time resolving their dilemma of choosing a specific major, few of them try to hone different skills while others simply want to relax and prepare for the storm ahead. Whichever category you fall in, don’t regret your decision about taking a gap year!

If you are feeling lost and imagining all the pitfalls of taking a gap year, take a look at the benefits to relax your mind!
1. You have the perfect opportunity to gain more work experience.
2. You deserve some time to relax and prepare for the stressful transition to college life.
3. You will have plenty of time to think of a perfect major!
4. You will have more time to prepare for the SAT exams.
5. It’s a chance for you to explore your interests and be certain about your career goals.
6. You will have the opportunity to make some money and improve your financial status. After all, you need money for parties and countless hangouts ahead in your college life.

Despite all the challenges and feelings of distress, you have to endure in your gap year, some students have actually expressed that taking a gap year was the best decision that helped them explore their goals. After heaving a sigh of relief by reading all the pros, make sure to look at the ways you can make your gap year productive.

  • Volunteering:

Volunteering is one way to hone your hidden skills and explore your inner strengths and weaknesses. You can make yourself useful by helping the ones in need and make a great contribution to the world. Sometimes money is not all that matters; it is the skills that can do wonders in the quest of becoming successful in your career.

One of the best ways to hone different skills in your field is through volunteering. You can learn communication skills, management skills and fundraising for different campaigns. Moreover, volunteering provides immense opportunities for you to explore your interests and broaden your perspective about career and life overall.

You can choose different domains of volunteering you like the most. For example, if you have empathy towards elders, you can work at old age homes. Volunteering at animal shelters would be the dream job for all animal lovers. If you are interested in politics, you can participate in different political or fundraising campaigns.

If you’re an environmentalist, there are several organizations that are in constant need of volunteers to spread awareness about climate change. All you need to do is to step outside of your comfort zone and make yourself useful! Visit your local community and inquire about how you can help. You can even establish your own small organisation and raise funds to help people in your locality.

  • Taking Online courses

If you think that learning is only confined to the boundaries of a classroom, then you’re wrong! Because of the internet, you can now have access to thousands of learning opportunities just with the touch of your fingers! Whether you’re aiming to quench your thirst for knowledge or to hone your existing skills, there is a wide variety of best free online classes that are dedicated to satisfying your thirst for knowledge.

Spend your gap time by signing up for different online courses- the best thing is you can even get a certificate after the completion of the courses! After all, who doesn’t like an extra line in their resume, right? From journalism and arts to chemistry and biology, there are countless online courses that will help you gain in-depth knowledge and learn new useful skills.

To name a few of the best online courses, here is a list:
1. EdX- If you’re looking for some high-end academic courses from legit universities, then this course has everything for you! Created by MIT and Harvard, edX aims to educate students beyond the financial and geographical restraints, providing them with the treasure of knowledge to explore.
2. Coursera- It has millions of online courses in collaboration with top universities in the world such as Stanford, Duke, Penn, University of Michigan, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins as well as the biggest tech companies like Google and IBM.
3. FutureLearn- With the association of top educational institutes in the UK, FutureLearn brings you the courses that will help expand your knowledge. There is a separate section called “boredom-busting” for people seeking to have fun while doing something actually productive! From the virtual tour of The Ancient Rome to getting to know how to build your own phone, this online platform has everything you’re looking for!
4. Kadenze- Kadenze brings you the treasure of online courses in the fields of technology, science, art, design, music and math; you name it, they have it! If you’re a newbie designer, artist, music enthusiast, make sure to get the maximum benefit from this online platform.
5. Skillshare- It is a platform with tremendous opportunities to hone new skills like animation, designing, photography, illustration, business, writing, filmmaking and many more.

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