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Why Is Prom Overrated?

Hair, makeup, jewelry, and dates are usually things that most high school students are discouraged from doing but one night, when partying and staying late with your friends become legal, is high school prom.

The tradition originated in America in the late nineteenth century, and it couldn’t be more different than the “entertaining” party that it has evolved into today. Prom, or more specifically “promenade” was a remnant of debutante balls for northeast college students where the undergraduates of prestigious universities, especially the Ivy Leagues dressed up and interacted like adults as it marked the transition into more mature life.

Yeah, we know you might be confused about the adult part because well, high school proms now are anything but responsible. However, at least kids are supposedly having fun instead of discussing business ventures.

So following the tradition, the practice was adopted by several white schools of the country after the 1920s, but by the latter half of the century, high school proms had become as American as Mcdonald’s and apple pie. Today no batch graduates without attending this once-in-a-lifetime party where you basically drink (without permission) and go to the questionable after-parties.

However apart from the parental concerns, here is how we are going to rain on your parade and tell you that if your school prom is approaching, do not fret about anything or just simply, consider staying home. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? Well, read the reasons compiled by law essay help online.

  • Dress Up

The cost that goes into prom preparation is quite high, and since most students, especially in the United Kingdom, get this as the only party in high school, they usually go overboard with their attires.

An estimated amount of $500 is spent by the family when it comes to prom dresses, especially because of the tough competition. Mostly, schools host these events in hotels or auditoriums so if you really want to waste three-digit-figure-clothes that you will never wear again at such a party, then go ahead. Girls, usually book appointments for hairdo and makeup, which again cost a lot but you need to ask yourself whether the effort is worth it or not.

  • Pressure

Now we are all aware of high school dynamics, but the one event where this aspect is highlighted the most is prom. Not only do you have to look the best to earn superficial titles like “best dressed” and “prom queen”, but you sometimes also need to have dates to achieve those crowns.

In fact, in schools where social hierarchies and stereotypes are prevalent, getting the most “popular date” is a big deal. So, people who do not socialize or have limited friends always face the issue of finding someone to enter with and with high school students already suffering from severe self-esteem issues, this can be quite detrimental to their mental health.

Also, this does not end here. Even if you do get a date, you have to stress about looking good with them, the amount of time you need to spend with your date and friends, especially if the person you are going with does not belong to the same circle. Furthermore, it has been noted that due to peer pressure, many high school students are forced to consume alcohol which leads to non-consensual acts later.

  • Money

Like we discussed above, the cost of getting your prom dress or suit is quite high, and if you add in the money you will use to buy corsages, boutonnieres, tickets and other accessories, you would be left in a huge financial debt.

Remember that if it is your senior prom, college is starting next year so you need to save as much cash as you can because “broke student” is not just a myth in university.

Furthermore, if you are in the popular circle of your school, it is expected that you will show up in a fancy car with your date to the venue and most often than not, it is a limousine. The cost of renting such a luxury is too high, and no matter how much you divide the total bill among your friends, the space in the car is limited so you would still be paying a hefty amount.

  • The Party

Now all of the distresses mentioned above could be ignored if the party was worth it and you had fun, but sadly, you will rarely ever find any grown-up reminiscing about high school prom as “the best celebration of their life”. It’s only in the movies that you see close-knit friends crying due to the possibilities of never seeing each other again. In reality, your results will be due Monday, and you will be texting each other all day to settle the nerves.

Also, let’s not forget that you have to hang out with your teachers or management who ensure that you are not dressed inappropriately, or the music isn’t too offensive. So just invest in a cheap intimate house party, and we guarantee that you would remember it more.

  • After-Party

Now, this is ironic and reinstates everything that we have mentioned above. High school proms are so bad that you actually have to organize an after-party to make it fun and once again, social pressure plays a huge role in it.

The kids who are picked up by their parents right after the party are considered “uncool” while the rich students leave in their fancy chauffeured cars to an already booked club where they drink alcohol illegally (not if you are in the UK) and honestly, it does not make sense. Why not just have a party in the first place to avoid going through the whole awkward prom?

So, these are the reasons that you should avoid going to prom not just to save money but also the trouble of dressing up and standing in a chaperoned dance. The companies and stores just capitalize on this event and use it as a bait to entice young children into buying accessories that they will never use again.

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