Marketing is one of the key aspects of business, which help entrepreneurs promote their products and bring it out in the light for the people. There is a misconception of relating marketing with advertising. While advertising is only a branch of marketing, marketing, in itself, it is a vast domain incorporating supply chain, advertising, distribution, pricing, placement of the products and services. Everything from the time a product or service is developed to the time it is consumed falls under marketing. The job of marketers does not end here; rather there is marketing that still goes on after the consumption of the product. Marketers have to look after word of mouth (free of cost marketing) and brand recognition along with generating brand awareness. For instance, Pampers of Procter and Gamble has become the generic name for diapers. This demonstrates the success of the marketers as the name comes to one’s mind unconsciously, without the individual being aware of it.

Educational institutes and business schools are putting their major focus on developing marketing skills within students, so when they step out in the real world, they can make a mark in the competitive world. Hence, instructors majorly focus on assigning students with marketing essay, which is usually daunting for students. What exactly do instructors try teaching through assigning marketing essay writing? By assigning marketing essay, instructors try establishing the basic concepts in the mind of students. Tasks are usually of the 4 Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat), Porter 5 Forces (Threat of substitution, threat of new entrant, buyer power, supplier power and competitive rivalry), Ansoff Matrix, Market Segmentation, and Boston Consulting Group Matrix. Application of the fundamental concepts is a significant part of marketing essay writing.

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